HK Illustration X Original Design Brands Exhibition

With the theme “IDNA”, which is the acronym of “Illustration”, “Design”, “New Form” and “Art”, the “HK Illustration X Original Design Brands Exhibition” brings the Taiwan public an exhibition with creative design exhibits in a combination of graphic, three-dimensional, dynamic, and interactive forms. It aims to showcase how Hong Kong illustrators and IP designers build their brands through design excellence and unlimited creativity which lead to business opportunities.

The exhibition is further divided into “i-Hong Kong” original illustration exhibition and “i-creative” design brand exhibition. The first part features dozens of new illustration works specially created by 11 outstanding young and veteran Hong Kong illustrators for the exhibition based on the same creative text. These newly created illustrations are collectively displayed through a large-scale installation, demonstrating the illustrators’ virtuosity in visual storytelling. The second part features 13 Hong Kong illustrators and brand designers of different generations through a wide array of exhibits, ranging from illustrations, illustration books, art toys, animations, comics, to licensing design works and related products.

The exhibition lasts for 12 days, and during the weekends, different participating Hong Kong illustrators and brand designers will host experience sharing talks, autograph sessions, and conduct workshops. There are also fun augmented reality (AR) games in the exhibition to interact with visitors.

Date: 2019/9/18-29

Free Admission

Programme details: Click Here

Exhibiting illustrators and brand designers:
“i-Hong Kong” original illustration exhibition
– Chan Shun Hong
– Terence Choi
– Jackie Lam 009
– Lam Pei
– Jack Lee
– Jane Lee
– Miloza Ma
– Purehay
– Stella So
– Wing Lo and Clayton Chau
– A Yip
* in arbitrary order

“i-creative” design brand exhibition
– John Chan
– Rap Can@Dustykid
– Steven Choi
– Gordon Chin
– Knoa Chung (Lala Woodland)
– Eddie Hui@B. Duck
– Jane Lee
– Ryan Lee
– Winson Ma
– Stella So
– The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes
– Enchanting Legends by Yuen Tai Yung
– Ray Wong & Hon@ Marrow Production
* in arbitrary order